"Writing proved to be good therapy."

Chatham, MA

…Kitchen Canary is a debut novel for Chatham resident, Joanne Parsons.  The story follows two young Irish immigrants in mid-eighteen-hundreds Boston.  The women work as nannies for a family and become entangled in their secrets and lies.

Joanne decided to write the book after she retired from a career in eldercare. “Recently widowed, and then retired, I found myself in need of a place to spend my days. I was always intrigued by an old family story about a kitchen canary, the term used for Irish maids. I decided to research the relationship between domestics and their employers in the eighteen hundreds, and  fictionalize a story. Writing proved to be good therapy.”

Boston was bustling with growth in the nineteenth century.  Immigrants streamed in from Ireland, Italy and Poland, hoping for a life of prosperity. Freed slaves came North seeking acceptance. Instead, they encountered humiliation and rejection. “People who read the book tell me they wish they could see their grandparents again to thank them for their sacrifices.”

Joanne is among many self-published authors.  The book is available through Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. “It’s receiving five star reviews. I’m especially pleased readers appreciate the historical aspect of the book. In addition, readers seem very engaged with my characters.”

Joanne is available for book signings. She can be reached at  kitchencanary@gmail.com.